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Who We Are

FAST (Fighting Antisemitism Together) was established as a coalition of non-Jewish Canadian business and community leaders who came together to speak out against antisemitism and to fund education and other projects that encourage other non-Jews to speak out. This coalition was founded by Elizabeth and Tony Comper in response to the documented increase in vicious anti-Jewish incidents in Canada.

What We Stand For
FAST is dedicated to speaking out against antisemitism, the oldest hatred in human history, and to funding education and other projects to combat antisemitism. We believe it is time for non-Jews to take the lead in eradicating antisemitism. Key goals are to teach children that hatred has no place in Canada, and to encourage all children to feel safe and secure to be who they are. We invite and challenge other non-Jews of good will to rise up and be counted against antisemitism. And we invite all people of good will to found similar organizations to speak out against all forms of bigotry, racism and hatred.

Elizabeth Comper - in memoriam...
Tony Comper, Immediate Past President and Chief Executive Officer, BMO Financial Group